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12 Settings to Simplify Work In PhpStorm in 2024

Change some default settings in PhpStorm to make your work faster:
– Hide browser icons.
– Open search results each time in a new tab.
– Turn on Mark modified (*)
– Increase the tab limit.
– Turn off Code Analysis on commits to Git.
– Turn off Restoring Context on Switching Git Branches, etc.

[Docker] How to Set up Postfix Containers and Send Emails From WordPress in Docker

Add SMTP mail functionality to the official Docker WordPress image. See how to
– Install Postfix in a separate Docker container: 2 examples — with DKIM and without.
– Connect to these Postfix containers from the WordPress Docker container.
– Add Postfix to the Docker WordPress container with a Dockerfile.
– Set a PTR record for reverse DNS lookup.
– Set DNS records: SPF and DKIM.